Growing up, my parents encouraged me to explore creative pursuits. They let me get my Ed Emberley on so much when I was 5 (or so)! Around first or second grade I started taking cartooning classes, and remember being astonished by the talent of my teacher. He could draw heroes so quickly, and my illustrations were pathetic next to his. Around this time, I also took some Japanese brush painting classes. I believe that some of the techniques I learned then, about how to handle paint brushes, stick with me today.

In middle and high schools I did some graffiti, which I think taught me a lot about color and expanded my appreciation for typography. My junior year art teacher encouraged me to experiment with canvas and acrylic paint (Ms. Blum you are the best!). I also had the opportunity to intern with the master printer Kathryn Kain on a few occasions at Smith Andersen Editions. Really, I’ve been blessed to have had so many talented teachers throughout my life (art and beyond). They inspire me, and have my eternal respect.

Fast forward to now, and I’m still learning and painting, though adult responsibilities have slowed down my output a lot. I paint largely with emotion and creative energy, and the later just isn’t always there like it used to be. When it does show up, it makes me exceedingly happy and there’s not much that can rival it! Well, landing a large steelhead on a swinging fly but I digress…

Thank you for visiting my online portfolio, I hope you enjoy it.


Most of the time, I’m working my tail off over at Treehouse. Otherwise, I’m hanging with my family, friends and/or enjoying the majestic and soul nourishing outdoors.